Selected examples of our works are presented herein, Examples are presented chronologically. Some among them were very important for us and our development.

Nonlinear free vibration of pre and post

The geometrically nonlinear free vibration of functionally graded thick plates resting on the elastic Pasternak foundation is investigated. The motion equations are derived applying the Hamilton principle. We consider the first order shear deformation plate theory (FSDT), in which the modified shear correction factor is required.

A 16-noded Mindlin plate element of the Lagrange family which is free from shear locking due to small thickness of the plate used. The material properties are assumed to be temperature-dependent and expressed as a nonlinear function of temperature. Because the FGM plates are not homogeneous, the basic equations are calculated in the equivalent physical neutral surface which differs from the geometric mid-plane. In the pre-buckling range natural frequencies decrease ultimately reaching zero for critical stress in the bifurcation point.

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Postbuckling analysis of functionally

2016 04 02

First, we discuss characteristics of functionally graded materials and  describe methods of their manufacturing. Then, we provide an overview of analytical and numerical methods for calculating plates, with characteristics of functionally graded materials, resting on elastic foundation.

The presented numerical results have been obtained by the finite elements method, referring to post-bifurcation problems of thermally loaded plates. The first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT) has been employed. In numerical calculations we have used a new 16-node plate element, free of problems related to shear locking.

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Contact analysis

Flange connection. First of our contact analysis using ABAQUS V5.8 as a solver. Contact pairs between gasket –flange and flange – bolts head, frictional. (1999)

Crane column

FEM calculations of crane column.

Model pre/post procesing with FEMAP. Structural calculations with NASTRAN for windows, ABAQUS.
Typical structural analysis, but this model was special one for us. FE mesh and results used as benchmark in FEM software testing. (1998)

Container Crane

Structural and modal analysis of new build container crane.
Crane installed on container vessel . Structural calculations with NASTRAN, Modal calculations with ABAQUS v.5.6, Postprocessor ABAPRE. (1997)