In-house developed software, numerical routines and solvers

Open GL / Visualization Software

Software for visualization of computational results.
Latest versions (2016) based on .NET (C#) platform run on Windows and Linux (mono) (2016)


Started with OpenGL on Unix workstations : Silicon Graphic and SUN Solaris and C++ (1998). First Windows version on Windows XP (2001)


Solvers / Numerical Routines

Numerical routines and highly specialized nonlinear solvers. In house developed solvers for solving particular problems i.e. FMG Numerical Routines can be adopted for using with commercial software i.e ABAQUS
Numerical Routines developed with Fortran or C/C++

Direct D3D / UWP Visualization software developed

Visualization software developed with Direct D3D and UWP (universal Windows Platform) could be also used on other devices i.e . (Windows) Phones / Tablets.
UWP based software can be used also with AR /VR (Augmented Reality) devices like Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft Holographic platform.

WebGL / X3D / X3DOM

Based on WebGL and/or X3DOM and our format translators models and results can be viewed interactively in internet browsers.
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